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Friday, May 05, 2006
5/05/2006 11:15:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Wow~! After 2 weeks, I've finally survived through not being able to see darling for TWO freaking weeks~! =S

Oh, ain't I proud of myself. =)

Actually 2 weeks really flies when I've got things to do. =)

The earlier part of today went by as usual with me being busy with my studies. By the time I have to leave school to make my way to Pasir Ris to meet darling, I realised that I was so damn hungry. It was so bad that even my hands were shaking & I see stars.. =S

But well, guess all this is worth it in the name of dieting & to see darling..haha

When I saw darling I couldn't recognise him for a moment. Well..mostly becos' of his durian head..hehe

But on closer look he has also slim down quite abit. His face seem to have shrunk~! In fact, I think the exercise & healthy eating has left a rather pinkish glow on his face. His complexion has become so good that even I envy.. =S

But something pissed me off irritated me today. Met one of the girls while on my way to the canteen to buy lunch. One of them started to boast about her making into one of the Big 4 accounting firm. I was like "to hell with you", as if your grades are superb lo. You went in becos you were from a good school LAST TIME & you are FILTHY rich k? So there isn't anything to boast about, esp to me. Grr....

Anyway, tomorrow is Election Day. First time in my whole life that I get to vote. To most people, think the normal reaction in such a situation is to be excited? But gosh, I don't think I can be. Becos' I still have to wake up early to go to the voting center as I will be meeting darling later in the day. Busy busy me.. =S

But at least it would put an end to all the "scandals" of the various elections parties that irks me as well as the massive coverage by the media on the election that bores me to no end..

I really don't understand how could a cousin-in-law of mine who could actually sit by the TV the whole day watching / keeping track of the election progress (as if there is any progress) by watching news in all languages that he could ever understand. Switching between Channel 8 news to Channel U news to Channel News Asia all day long just to listen to the SAME set of news?!

Its so puzzling yet so amazing to me.... =P