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Thursday, June 29, 2006
6/29/2006 01:23:00 AM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

Hi everyone...! Haven't been writing for a long time now as I was in Pulau Tekong for the past 3 days, and although there is internet access there but it seems that the connection is abit restricted..

But anyway, the past week was eventful, especially with some squabbles with darling here and there. But nevertheless we managed to celebrate our 10 month anniversary with me giving darling the surprises as she've mentioned in the previous post. =P

As for this week, it's been uneventful. With me staying over in Pulau Tekong as I was lazy to travel everyday for 1.5 hours to the island, and that includes all three modes of transport; MRT, Bus, and Ferry. That tires me alot. Since, I'd gonna have to do that everyday, I decided to stay over in the bunk in Pulau Tekong instead.

Being a temp staff there has its privilleges over the recruits there. This includes going to the new gym by the pool which has slick new weight machines & threadmills, being able to go to SBL Ladang Cafe which has pretty good yummy food with Hainanese owners (of course food from my own dialect group is nice). There is also the legendary yummy roti john from school 2 canteen. Not only that, the specialist lounge has a pool, billard tables and even a movie lounge.

Does this makes it sound that i'm staying in a island resort? Hey, wait a moment, it IS a island resort! =P

Well with all the facilities that come along with it, of course i'm not going to put it to waste. Almost everyday I've been going to that new slick gym and running 5km each time and doing some weights along with it.. =D

And another good news for me today was that darling finally signed her employment contract with a good company as she've wanted as an audit staff. Although I'm glad that she now has a job, but also I'm rather worried on my side that we will spend less time with each other, with her busy work schedule.

But thinking on the positive side, distance makes the heart grow fonder right? =D

I also wish darling the best in her work and study in ACCA which will start next year. And one thing, no excuses for not taking ACCA because of your busy work schedule as this is essential for you to get your CPA! Grrr... =P