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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
6/28/2006 10:06:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

A big thank you to all who complimented my new blogskin. I thought that it was a rather suitable skin for our blog, whether it is the theme or the music.. =)

Anyway, I can finally set my heart down. This is because for the past few days I've been feeling nervous & anxious, not even having a good night of sleep. My heart & mind was worrying no end about my job. It got so bad that I think even my hair is starting to drop?! -_-"

It is not so much that I worry about not having a job at the start of next month but rather it is the juggling of many interviews & offers that worries me. I am afaid of settling down for the wrong job.

And furthermore the thought that right before my final paper ends I rejected the job offer of a firm for the sake of a recruitment company makes me all the more demoralise. In fact, after a week I rejected the job & I still do not get news from the job agency I started to regret my decision. I can't believe that I was so dumb & stupid as to listen to the sweet promises of the recruitment agent. This made me feel all the more worse.

Apart from that, the interviews everyday wore me out too. I kept blaming myself that if I hadn't rejected that offer I would have been shaking leg at home waiting to start work next month.

I should have listened to the advice of darling instead of giving hima good dressing down for not supporting my decision. In fact, this period of job hunting has been tough for him too. Cos many a times we quarrelled as he was exasperated that I could be so fickle-minded (that's what he calls me) as to change my mind about accepting a job offer. One moment I could be telling him that I am determined to accept the job offer, the other moment when another seemingly better company calls me for interview I will call to tell him that I want to go for more interviews.

I too don't know what's wrong with me. Probably deep in my heart the greedy me wants the best for myself thus resulting me in taking such risks. Honestly, during this period of 3 months I rejected countless offers that I could ever remember. Some of course I do feel guilty about it as the boss seems rather nice. But deep down inside I know that job is not what I want so I can't possiby make myself accept the job, can I?

But alas (for the moment) the "worse" is finally over.

I've finally settled down.

I've signed the letter of appointment with a company today.

It is only after so long that I finally sign with a company. Should I be saying that the company is lucky to have hired me or should I be saying that I am lucky to have finally found the "right" company? -_-"

But as for now I am excited to start work on Monday. Its gonna be a busy week for me next week...

But one bad thing (as perceived by me) is that I'll have to revamp my cupboard for this job. No longer can I wear open-toe shoes or short sleeve shirt to work. Now its long sleeve & close toe shoes for me Monday to Friday. Its not like as if I look very young for my age or something. Oh gosh, I'm bound to be the most aunt-ish new staff there now. Argh~!