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Sunday, June 25, 2006
6/25/2006 11:33:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Its been a week since I last saw my darling & I was like 1hr late as something cropped up at home. So poor darling, who travelled all the way from his place (Lavender) to where I stay (Punggol) had to hang around till I was done. Poor him. Well, can't really blame him for getting abit irritated when I called him to tell him that I was just leaving the house. =P

He was so sweet as before he came to Cove to meet me, he went to Punggol Plaza to buy my favourite bread. Aiyo, where got guy so sweet to girlfriend de? Well, at least as far as I am concerned this little action of his really touched my heart. =)

Considering the fact that we had a heated quarrel the day before & he is still doing all this for me the next day, this is totally amazing~! =)

I think that although as a couple we still have our own fair share of quarrels, this has very much lessened as compared to the day when we first started out on our relationship. After so many quarrels that I practically lost count, one lesson I learnt was: Don't say more things to antagonise me when I already boiling over the brim. Me being the more short tempered in the relationship definitely can't stand when I am not given my way. Oopz, the spoit side of me... =P

But well, can I say that this is a little priviledge entitiled to girls given by the man who loves them? Who knows, this could be a form of pamper? =D

Anyway after meeting up, we took a bus to take Tampines. Did abit of shopping there & took the chance to use up the Isetan voucher given to me by Daniel & gang as a birthday present 1 year ago.

I finally settled for this bag...

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A great & elegant buy indeed~! Perfect for my work.. =)

As this was an early little celebration for our 10 months together, darling bought a gift for me. Sorry darling, as I am dead broke I didn't manage to get you anything. Haiz, wish I could be like some of my friends who have the money to buy expensive gifts or things that their boyfriends wish for... =S

That's why someimes I think to myself that I may not be such a good girlfriend after all.. =(

Anyway this are the surprises that darling got for me (According to him, he spent a few days hunting & preparing for it)..

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Lots of little surprise for me inside this pretty box.. =)

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A cute tikuz for my new HP...

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Feathered flower that last forever..

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This gift shocked me the most~! =)

This was one of the gifts that he gave me that make me wanna cry. Its not because I don't like it or something like that. Its because the thought that the day before when he told me that he was out shopping by himsef I said many mean things to him. Little did I know that so much effort (& probably even money) was spent to get things that he knew I like or needed.

Thanks darling~! =)