Beautiful Girls

Friday, June 30, 2006
6/30/2006 10:18:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

These 2 days have been terribly hectic for me as I had been busy preparing for monday's work as well as running errands for mum. I didn't even have time for my afternoon nap. In fact, as far as I could remember I only managed to take 2 times afternoon nap ever since my final exams ended (2 weeks ago).. =S

And before I knew it off I go into the working world - w/o even a good rest not to say a holiday.. =S

Went to take IC size photo today. I must really thank photoshop as I guess without this photo editing software I doubt I'd look half as good as what was on the photo? =S

According to the owner, he did abit of editing to my pic... =S

In addition, talking about me revamping my wardrobe in the earlier post, this is indeed an expensive thing to do. This is becos' just 4 shirts, 1 skirt & a blazer cost me a freaking 157 bucks?! I almost fainted when the bill came. -_-"

But well, I must say that I really do like my new dressing now. Looks so professional & all. In fact, this is not too far away from what I fantasized myself to be in just 2 years back.

So should I say its an expensive dream come true? Hehe =P

But what makes me my wallet heartache is that after spending so much, I'm still not done yet. I still haven't managed to find a suitable pair of shoes for work yet. Argh~! Help~! =S