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Thursday, June 15, 2006
6/15/2006 09:10:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Wow, its been really quite awhile since I last blog. Now getting my engine starting to blog can be quite a difficult task. But still, there are certain things that I thought I should pen it down. What happened. And what are my feeling for it all.

One of the most "exciting horrible" thing that happened to me during this period was my handphone being stolen. And guess what? It happened on the first day of my exams~! Now, what kind of good luck is this. So much for all the good luck wished for me before I went to the exam hall. =S

But the wierd thing is that I felt not much pain or anguish. Well, I do feel a little as I've lost not only my handphone (oily & terribly scratched) but also my MP3 player (a 21st b'dae gift from my sister costing 99 bucks). But hmm...I don't seem very normal as I thought I was suppose to be howling my heart out? =S

But me not being upset within the normal limits aside, I would say that that thief is so damn mean. Why? Why of all bags, it has to be mine? And apparently, mine & my friend's bag were the only 2 that got stolen for that exam. Gosh, what kind of luck I am having.... =(

Well..but I shoud say that its blessing in disguise coz I was just thinking about changing my old phone once I start working (which is after my exams ends). So well, should I be thanking that wretched & cursed thief for stealing the phone for ME? Haha...

But what upsets me is the lost contacts in my handphone. Guess I'll have a hard time rebuilding my contacts just like before.. =(

Anyway, presenting the before & after.. =P

Before: Samsung X460C

After: Sony Ericsson K750i

A very cool phone which I liked very much. And most importantly instead of paying 400+ bucks for it I only paid a freaking 298 bucks for it (ignoring the fact that a week before I bought the phone I could have paid only 288 bucks for it.. =S). This is all thanks to daring, who extended his expiring 2 years contract.. =)