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Sunday, July 09, 2006
7/09/2006 10:21:00 AM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Its a cooling Sunday morning & here I am blogging & reading up on the case I am suppose to start with next week instead of being out with darling. This is so as darling will be in camp till the next week & will not be able to book out. I do miss him but at least the work that I've to prepare for kept me busy & helped to keep my thoughts for him (during the day) at bay.

But now as I blog & listen to various songs on my laptop I can't help but think out loud: I MISS YOU, DARLING~! =)

For the past week have been busy with training. Thou I am trained in this field of work, but this orientation training by my comapny helps me clear other queries I had about the job as well as expose me to other unusual situations I might face on the job.

Some topics covered are documentation & different sections which I have to do when on the job. One the issues that interest me alot is that about professional skeptism.

This is particularly important for my work. One of the fundamental of this is that I've to be skeptical & questioning about documents given to me by my client. One big mistake for me to commit is to accept every single explanation given by the client to me without even thinking whether it is reasonable or not.

With my formal work starting this coming week, I hope that I will be able to apply what I've learnt in school & from the training session for this past week. Hoping that all will turn out good for me.

Am slowly moving towards my goal in life...

Slowly but surely...

Now, its back to reading up on the job I'm given for next week....