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Sunday, July 02, 2006
7/02/2006 10:49:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Went Kayaking with darling, sis & 2 other friends we knew from the one-star kayaking course. It was a totally fun day except for the little shouting match that me & darling had during midday... -_-"

I really hate it when I perceive a guy to be so chauvanistic always wanting his way. Then well, when this happens the egoistic me will usually not give way & PURPOSELY do the opposite.

Just like in this case, we had alittle difference in the place we wanted to kayak to. Darling thinks that I am not good enough to go further out but I think that I was quite fine. So this leads to the little war between us.. -_-"

But after having my way I sorta regreted abit coz the wave there is indeed rather strong & scary. Haiz, blame on my stubborness? -_-"

But I must say that this is still a great practice for me as after 2 rounds of kayaking in that area I find it more shiok than scary. Hmm..that is at least so before I start to capsize..Wahaha~! =P

Anyway managed to take some pics that's why I ended up being the slowest in the whole group.. =P

Such a nice place to live in. My dream home~! =P

The skyline of the Central Business District of S'pore from Kallang Basin. Beautiful...

The Benjamin Sheares Bridge, where the waves rock me.. -_-"

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(From left) Pin Jie, Pamela, Me & Sis.. =)

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A rare pic of sis posing for the cam.. =P

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Darling, the unofficial instructor of the group.. =)

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Decomposed fish on the shore, with eye balls missing.. *pukes*

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Dead snake with rotten tongue sticking out & throat dug hollow.. *faints*