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Saturday, July 29, 2006
7/29/2006 10:33:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Work has been terribly busy for me lately. However this does not change my view about myself that I seem to be born a workaholic - I just seem to enjoy busying myself with work. At least this keeps negative thoughts (which I am prone to) at bay.

I really do enjoy this current assignment I am doing as from this I get to know some really good friends. Just like I always say - Friends may be all around me but those that I could really have fun with with minimal care about my "image" are few. And for these people I really do treasure them. With them, it also helps to brighten up my day despite the tedious & mind-boggling work that I've to perform. Time flies~! =)

but sometimes it flies too fast that I find that I haven't done much at the end of the day.. =S

What makes my life easier is that the client has been rather cooperative & tries their best to furnish me with whatever document I request for or answer any queries that I may have. I am indeed impressed by their understanding for the nature of our work is to probe.. =)

But all this seems to change once I told the client that me & my colleague are new to the job. They seem to treat us not with so much respect anymore. And that's when the whole trouble starts - greehorn like us will get scolded by those damn lowly accounts staff for things that are not our fault or for "disturbing" their work. What the hell~! Do these people know what they are talking about?

Well, guess there isn't much I could do except to bear with it till I've got more experience to sense that I'm being scolded for the wrong thing & for that I could fight for the whatever "human right" that I should be entitled to while at work.. =S

Apart from this, I've been working late for almost 2 weeks straight ever since I started in this assignment. Pathetic it may seems but I feel like as if the later I work the more energetic I become. Probably its becos' I've got my colleagues there to joke around as I work? =p

But hey, am still human~! Its not as if I won't feel tired. Everytime it comes to 11pm I would start feeling feverish & all. In fact, all these late nights has taken a toll on my body & nw I am sick. Serious sore throat...haiz.. =(

Luckily all these late nights don't come without an itsy-bitsy bit of "incentive". At least I get to take cab home at the client's expense. Haha, after I started on this work I've taken more taxi than I've ever taken in my whole life. Cool~! =P

Luckily this is not at my own expense if not I would have been broke by now. Solely my taxi claim for this month chalks up to a freaking 200 bucks ar~! =S