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Sunday, August 20, 2006
8/20/2006 12:25:00 PM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

Here's to another week in Pulau Tekong Basic Military Training Centre, and my fourth month in this island now.

I went for my 3 day SIT test (Situation Test), which was a battery of physical test to test leadership skills,teamwork, mental alertness, and reaction to different situations. This test, developed by Applied Behaviorial Sciences Unit of Ministry of Defence, Singapore is to select the potential commanders of the Singapore Armed Forces.

Example of one of the test or mission as rather called were to cross obstacles with placing wooden planks across concrete blocks to make a 'bridge' across a 'raging' river like this ===== .

And of course along with this SIT test, there are of course physical activities to tire out a person before the mission, on the first day we had a 12 km route march with 30 kg on our back to the campsite, the second day we had a 4km fast march with our rifles, helmet and webbing that weighs about 8kg altogether..and on the third day a 2km fast march.

The worst part was that on the second day it was raining heavily and we were stuck outfield, so all of us got wet, head to toe... We ran back to the base shelter soaked, with the boots soaked like a reservoir... The Gortex jacket we put on did not make much of a difference cos we all felt equally cold and were shivering.

Well that was the time when I thought of my darling and how much so I missed her...And the thought of her encouraged me to carry on.

As for now, what makes me happy is that it's getting closer to the date when darling's back from China from her job assignment, and to my Passing Out Parade on 5 September when my darling can attend and see me graduate from Basic Military Training!

Meanwhile, Darling prepare for a nice surprise when you're back! hehehe I just bought item no. 2 today! and don't ask what is it.. I won't tell you till you meet me for our 1 year anniversary celebration!

Here's to another week in the army and missing my darling!!