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Saturday, August 12, 2006
8/12/2006 10:21:00 PM
Article submitted by Eddy:

Howdy everyone! I'm back after a long absence from this blog due to a long 7 days outfield camp in Pulau Tekong. After this field camp, I am surprised how much my mental and physical limits can be extended in a stressful environment... =)

Activities include Group Movement, , Group Battle Course, 8 km route march with 30 kgs on our back, pitching of basha, sleeping in the open, and in the shellscrapes..

In the whole field camp the most tiring part was the digging which we had to use entrenching tool and spades to dig it. It took a whole day from 8am till 10.30pm at night! It was like digging our own graves and sleeping in it at night. But it was a pretty memorable experience! =)

Group Battle Course was course of 2km .

Along with the many activities in the field camp also came many punishments and excercises. This includes the dreaded heat rash which made carrying anything on our backs feel like needles poking on our backs, the usual stink, and the camo cream on our faces... =S

Throughout the field camp it was the thought of my darling lixia, her encouragement and also the help of my section mates that I could actually manage to survive it...! =)

Anyway, here are photos of the field camp:

Section movement

Whiskey Company Platoon 2

The shellscrape that i've dug for 4 hours straight!