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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
8/01/2006 11:33:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Call me crazy if you want but there are times when I like to work late. Its not becos' I am mad or I simply like to claim OTs. Its cos' I find that working late into the night its peaceful with maximum yawningg minimal disturbance. But despite my wierd mentality of working late, too many late nights could also wear me out. As these few weeks apart from coming home dead in the night everyday (12pm at times~?!), I was also taken ill so this causes me to feel too tired to even wake up in the morning to go to work.. =S

This is so unlike the scenario when I first started working that I could even wake up at the freaking ungodly hour of 6.15am to jog round the estate before going off to work.. =S

In fact at one point n time was feeling rather moody & lost as work was simply pilling up on me despite me trying as hard as possible to finish up the work I have at hand.. =(

This feeling was further magnified when the manager being the ice princess she is (she's got a default black face) becomes more & more demanding. Not ony does she not appreciate the hard work put into the project by me & my partner & the continous nights of OT, she just demanded even more from us. Damn~! Grrr...

Sometimes I think to myself that by throwing so much work to us she is just trying to squeeze out whatever juice left in us for the purpose of meeting her own dateline. Maybe someone should just remind her that though we are paid to work in this company but we still deserve some human rights. Who ever heard of a manager treating her team members like robots while she herself always knock off so early... =X

I still remember very vividly there was one day during last week that I was suppose to meet darling but due to the work given I kept pushing back the time to meet him. Up to a point that he kept calling me to check if I was done. Well, that was when I blew my top at him.. =S

Of coz not forgetting the bad attitude & hurtful words that I said to him. In fact I felt that when I finally screamed ar him that I don't wanna meet him anymore I seem to feel that his heart sank.. =(

But when I finally packed up to meet him eventually he still came over. With some surprises for me of coz...

He actually rush down to Pizza Hut to buy the latest promotion of Cheesy Bite pizza just to have it with me at our little favourite spot in town. We had pizza while sitting in front of Singapore River. Pathetic it may sound to some people that we both are actually squeezed on a bench in front of Singapore River eating pizza. But to me its not, in fact its so romantic. Just like what we always do when he was still working the last time & I was working at my aunt's company. =)

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That's me dear darling~! Haha =)

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That's me~! Ever so fortunate.. =P

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Yummy pizza~! HIGHLY recommended to try~! *droolz*

The other surprise was a stalk of rose from him him too. Despite me keep telling him not to buy flower for me (I really meant it~!) unless there's a special ocassion (he gave me a bouquet of 12 roses on my 21st birthday), but the sight of the flower pleases me. Oopz, being to boastful of it? Sorry but I can't really help feeling an itsy-bitsy bit of bliss here.. =P

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1 stalk full of LOVEEE.. =P

Oh lastly before I end off, I would like to wish darling a HAPPY 11TH MONTH ANNIVERSARY~! But sad to say, I can't say that personally to him as he is away on field camp & I won't even get to hear his voice for this whole week.. *faintz*