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Saturday, August 12, 2006
8/12/2006 10:59:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Went with mum one of the best loved supermarket (starting with the letter "N") by aunties to shop for some fruits. Met with a totally unhappy experience.. =(

Thinking of it makes my blood boil all over again..

Ever went to buy something & being treated unfairly by the damn cashier who thinks that she owns the supermarket?

Well, I've met too many time before..grrr...

This time round is no less different from what I experience in the past..

Despite us queuing up to pay for the items we bought, the damn cashier had the cheek to serve the other person who came later. When asked sternly by my mum why is she giving us this kind of service she even could lie through her BIG nostril that that lady came first.

What the hell. she think we are blind or what. We have been queuing there for so damn long and all we see is the man in front of us.

TRUTH is: That damn lady customer just came over to the counter to purchase 2 boxes of chicken essence and so the cashier gave it to her & at the same time collected money from her.

Don't think that my ingenious deduction of the whole damn sickening situation is correct?

Here's the obvious EVIDENCE:
That supposed customer who came first don't even dare to look, much less to utter a sound when the auntie cashier defended herself the customer came first all along.


So much for the good service much encouraged in Singapore. Sometime frankly speaking I doubt that this big dream will ever be realised especially with tsuch idiotic aunties who don't even know whar they should be doing.

Maybe I should have insisted on seeing the managr on this matter. Since she thinks that she's so smart that she could talk back to the CUSTOMER for something she herself has done wrong. *Evil grinz*