Beautiful Girls

Sunday, September 24, 2006
9/24/2006 10:01:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

It has been a terrible week for me. Its not cause I am busy or anything of that sort. It coz there is some ass-holic person in my team that thinks that he is so knowledgeable or anything of that sort. Well, ya..maybe he is REALLY more knowledgeable than me... -_-"

But kaoz..must he be so self centered as to not listen to anything that people have to say? And I can tell you that his temper STINKS big time... -_-"

And oh my god..he could actually be so narcissistic as to think that he is the best senior that we could ever have. As what he say - always there for us to "answer" our questions..

Gosh, you call that answer?!

Answering with a face that is all ready to kill?!

What the hell...

Then there is actually more things that make me puke of him..

He could actually flirt around with girls (not as if its of any concern to me..) but kaoz there was one time he really went too far. He actually attempted to act macho and offered our room to the accounts client in China. Look carefully, its OUR room..not HIS. WHat the hell~! Call himself a GOOD senior? My foot~!

What actually pissed me off was the reason for him letting our hotel room to them. The reason was that those girls wanted to do some shopping in the area near our hotel. What the hell~! SHOPPING~!

Not here is the thing, WE, his group members are darn tired after a hard day at work and all we want is some private time but he has to take it away~! Grrr...

Then worse still, when we went to his room to discuss work, I almost fainted when he opened the door.

Those girls are in HIS room~!

Now you see my point?

Its outright flirting at our expense and right to his hotel room~! =S

Well, anyway with all the happenings back in the office recently guess I've become stronger with one thought in mind. I don't wanna ever admit defeat~! grrr..~!

Anyway ine thing made me very happy too. That is darling knowing that I am feeling down so he bought me flower to cheer me up. Thou I always tell him don't buy for me as its a waste of money but this time I feel somewhat happy...hehe.. =P

Life is truely good when you've got someone who loves and dotes on you when you are feeling there. Always supporting you...ah...
*Tikuz nose*