Beautiful Girls

Sunday, December 17, 2006
12/17/2006 01:53:00 AM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

I went for Corrinne May's Concert today : Christmas with Corrinne May at 7.30pm , Esplanade Concert Hall .

It was certainly one of the best concerts i've been to... with her enchanting voice and meaningful lyrics, all these links to a very beautiful performance, especially with Kavin's (her husband) support and assistance, and the youth choir . =D totally a great concert!

To date there are 3 favorite singers that I really like; Alicia Keys, Jewel Kilcher, and Corrinne May. While most people listen to music for their melody, tempo, beat and such, I find the above singers perform better as they really put their heart and soul into their singing, and you don't really find them like pop-stars. They all start out humble and are still musicians at heart, even now.

Their lyrics are enchanting and meaningful.
You know sometimes listening to their music would be such a good way to relieve my stress and pray sometimes.
I would like to really thank God for having such talented musicians, and i'd like to also thank these musicians for bringing joy to the lifes of others! ^____^

With Corrinne May, and I got my albums autographed! Something for Lixia too! =D

Well also at the same time I asked her about her tour dates in the US as I may end up in one of performances too... (she told me to subscribe to the mailing list which i'm in now =D)

I told her that her concert was beautiful, and thanked Kavin who also happened to be next to her, and that reminded me about Kavin's album and website which i told him that the website was very nice, especially with the part of the puppy sleeping.. check it out at . His music are very inspirational, and with listening to it my stresses mostly are free...! (*links the topic to the song - Free by Corrinne )

Well I told Kavin the sad thing is that we can't find any of his albums in major record stores Singapore and I was told it's only found in Target stores, which are not found online.. He's coming out a solo album sometime soon, and meanwhile for the album i'm going to try to find it physically in Target stores in the North San Francisco Bay when i'm back there in February.

For those who've not heard Kavin's music please do visit his website at to check out his music ...

Well before the concert I went around and saw the following:

1) Make a Wish Campaign - Have your wishes and thoughts penned on a floating ball which will be on the Singapore River at New Year's Eve. I drew a Singapore flag wrote the following:

"God Bless Singapore & Have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

2) I saw a very nice exhibtion done with wires... Looks very nice though..

3) Heard part of a Christmas performance that was open to the public.. great music here too..