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Sunday, December 10, 2006
12/10/2006 08:06:00 AM
Article submitted by Lixia:

With all the travelling exposure I get not only do I get a chance to enhance my work experience (as well as my usually lousy mandarin) but also I get to know lots of friends. =P

However there is one particular engagement that I had I had to do all sorts of wierd things that are totally out of scope for my job.. =S

On the 1st day my whole team was dead drunk and I meant really drunk. Even me who usually drank with much caution ended vomitting.. =S

And the cursed drink is: MOU TAI~! =S

Let me give a brief introduction on this wine. It is one of the national drink of China with an alcohol content of
52%. =S

One can really get brain dead by drinking too much of this. Note that I am not one who totally push away drink but the smell of this is simply too pungent. As I would always say: Drinking this is bad for the body. Smelling it can cause you brain dead~! =S

But well, I drank 10 cups of this and they were all bottoms up~! =S

My colleague refuse to bottoms up and so kept the wine in her mouth to be drank slowly. And guess what? The wine burned the inside of her mouth leaving it all numb and "furry".. =S

And after this 1st meal the whole team threw up. Some at the restaurant's toilet (the client booked a room and it comes with its own toilet) and some at the hotel lobby.. =S

As for me I only vomitted when I was alone in my hotel room. Gosh~! From then on I never liked drinking anymore (I usually will drink abit during the festive seasons but not anymore).

And that's about it for the FIRST day in Shandong. And as all would have guessed it just doesn't stop here. But as its just too much to say guess I'll just stop here for now. Look forward to part 2~!