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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
5/23/2007 11:52:00 PM
Another Turning Point in Life
By Lixia

This is definitely one of those memorable turning point of my life.

I have perfect eyesight now~! Wahaha~!

All thanks to Lasik. =P

But this is not without price to pay.

Well, apart from the money, the most importantly is the "pain" I gotta go through.

Imagine some metal thing being placed on top of your eyeball and your eyes being pry open with some metal pliers. Felt like as if my eyeball was gonna pop out..=S

Despite me really looking forward to having perfect eyesight all over again, something I had not the chance to enjoy since Primary 1, I immediately began to regret once that freaking metal thing was placed ON TOP of MY eyeball.. =S

My god~! My eyes still twitch from all these thoughts.

In fact for the next couple of hours after the surgery especially when the anesthetic wears off from my eyes and I feel pain on them, all these thoughts just worsen the whole situation.. =(

Actually I was thinking of doing a couple of cosmetic surgery surgery after this like adding double eyelid, putting braces and all...

All in the name of

Not like as if I've none of the money, in fact the money is just there sitting there waiting to be used. But now...haiz..its the mental obstacle that I've to overcome.... =(

I've decided to give up such thoughts of beautifying myself.

Thou I still think that I am not pretty enough...
Eyes still still in the process of recovering - still blurry. Hope all things will turn out fine and no infection will follow. *shudders*