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Thursday, May 31, 2007
5/31/2007 08:53:00 PM
"Dim Sum" on Vesak Day
By Lixia

Went to a Cantonese Dim Sum Restaurant off Chin Swee Road with Eddy and his Mum. The good old "Red Star Restaurant". Been around for quite some time now, heard they have been around for 30 years.

And the most common sight for this restaurant is that there will be a long queue of people waiting to be seated. I remember there was once I there with my family on New Year's Day morning 2 years ago. It was just 7 am and we already had to queue up to wait for seats.. =S

Well..anyway, the restaurant serve food in the typical Hong Kong style - Obasans pushing their carts of Dim Sum just short that they were not shouting what was on their cart..hehe

But even without that, the whole restaurant is bustling and noisy enough. Shan't even mention the HEAT that was simmering from all around us. As I was eating the food, I seem to forget that I was eating in a RESTAURANT. Wahaha~! =p

But I would say that the food there is really great - especially those who likes deep fried Dim Sum, I would definitely highly recommend this place. =)

For people who, like me, likes steamed Dim Sum such as "Xiao Long Bao" & "Tang Bao" I would then recommend that you try Crystal Jade instead.

Not to say that all the food there don't suit my taste. I fancy the century egg porridge - so smooth and delicious. I fancy the roast duck - so crispy and fragrant... *droolz*

Fragrant Roast Duck, Creamy Porridge, Crispy "You Tiao", Yummy Spring Roll & Crunchy Veg

Eddy's fav - Roast Pork & Char Siew.. =P