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Thursday, May 31, 2007
5/31/2007 10:11:00 PM
A Visit to PetFarm
By Lixia

As I was on 1 month paid leave, it is really a god time to visit places where we have always wanted to go since a long time ago.

For this time, one of the places we went was - PetFarm, located in Chua Chu Kang.

Much "research" was done months ago and we had high expectations of this place. Being pet lovers, we look forward to seeing many cute animals, especially dogs.

But much to our dismay, this place was very much a disappointment. Not only was this place not well organised, it was no well maintained. The variety of animals there were also limited and common. Dogs, which we were looking forward to seeing could only be found in the pet stores and we were not allowed to play with them. Not like what the name seems like "PetFarm", its more like a "PetStore"... =(

Except for a little small corner for some common animals such as guppies (bred in a flower pot), a few guiness, rabbits, turtles, toads, etc. Really sounds COMMON right? Haiz....

A small dark shed where people fish for prawns. But the pond looks gross and bare to me. Wonder if there was really prawns in im. Well, even of there is I would not dare eat it for fear of poisoning..Haha...

An idle pond. Makes the whole place looks more pathetic... =S

Hmmm...a little pond for kids to fish. Just some guppies and red fish. S$8, seems to abit expensive.. =S

The "best" scenery from PetFarm. I seem to have put on a bit of weight~! OMG~! =S

Presenting a "friendly" goat. Hehe...

Rabbits.. =)

Guinese Pigs that made wierd oinking sounds. Hehe..damn cute~! =)

Toads. Haiz what a disppointment to see this in a PetFarm.. =(

Turtles. Another disappointment. =(

Well as you can see, this PetFarm is a real disappointment. More of a commercial place than anything else.. =S