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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
7/31/2007 11:22:00 PM
Darling's Little Ebay Business
By Lixia

Not having much money to start with in life / silver spoon in one's mouth has both its pros and cons.

The bad side of it is that, of course, is that there will be alot of things that we may wish to have but do not have the means to do so.This can quite painful at times especially when you really want it badly but know that the hapiness will be short-lived & the consequences will be serious.

I am not someone who go for branded stuff but ocassionally pampers for mayself is still very much required. As for darling, he does not have many places to spend his money on except on me (of cos), food (maybe) & bike (grrr...). Luckily I have cured his "fetish" (no porn involved.. =S) of buying a certain group of things..hehe

Well, to earn a living on your own is definitely much encouraged. After all, we have to learn how to be independent. Being able to do that will most likely be something that I could be proud of even at old age.. =)

Seemingly to achieve out little goal, darling had been trying different ways to earn some pocket money himself & taking up professional courses to give him an edge in his field.

On the financial side, he has been performing some IT consultancy work for his brother-in-law's newly started business & taking a cut of the profit earned. On his side, he has also been having his own Ebay business by selling COACH bags at lower than the retail price.

Here are some of the bags sold (feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of them)...

Bumble bee bag (My favourite bag) =P

Wristlet with blue fringe

Light blue bag (personal favourite)

Large size blue wristlet

Blue scribble sling bag

Bumble bee wristlet (Personal favourite)

Pink bag (Personal favourite)

Pink wristlet

Bumble bee sling bag

Wristlet with pink fringe

Darling bought a coach bag for me for christmas last year..*loves* =P

On the educational side, he has been taking a specialist diploma in the IT field to ouple with his degree. Certainly something that can increase his employability in the local market since his degree was not obtrained locally. =)

Ever since we started dating, he has definitely changed alot all for the better of our future (I hope). This, I am very touched & hope that things will eventually turn out to be the way we wished for. =)