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Sunday, July 08, 2007
7/08/2007 10:00:00 PM
Food of Love
By Lixia

We have been fanatics for good food. But problem is that we do not have much money and idea as to where all the good food are. But well, this does not stop us from pursuing our craze..haha...

Being a good cook, especially for western food, darling could still manage to whip up some decently delicious food. This makes me appreciate him more as I am a lousy cook myself - always ending up getting scalded or turning the kitchen upside down... =s

In fact after the first time I tried to cook, Darling ALWAYS shoo me out of the kitchen as my carelessness will irritate him and end up he will scald himself too..wahaha

So, this is another few more points for Darling... =D

But lately, the ban from the kitchen was SLIGHTLY lifted. I was allowed to help a teeny weeny bit in the kitchen.. =D

I was allowed to help cut up some meat and other ingredients. But still, am still NOT ALLOWED anywhere near the stove.. =S

Anyway, some of the dishes that Darling cooked are:

American Breakfast. Messy display and the bacon was rather salty. But if I didn't remember wrongly, its Darling's first time trying to cook breakfast. And considering that he woke up like 6 pluz am to prepare it I give him full marks for it.. =)

Delicious pancakes with lots of butter and maple syrup. Just my kind of breakfast early in the morning... =)

The latest dish that darling has been whipping up for me is spagetti in white sauce. Very nice~

Actually there are many other things that we have tried cooking like chicken rice and beef sauce pasta. But sad to say I just can't seem to find it..haiz =(

Hope to eat more food cooked by Darling - that is provided he does not over cook (it always seems like he is cooking for an army, making me over-eat. That's why although at times I really do miss his cooking, I forbid him to cook as it just too sinful to have him do cooking in his very own "unique" style... =S