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Sunday, July 22, 2007
7/22/2007 11:25:00 PM
The Need to be Stronger
By Lixia

Had a couple of "nervous brerakdowns" this month. Tough case I was assigned to handle. Doing things that was out of my job scope is tough enough. But what was tougher was that I had to go through this alone with little or practically no guidance & no team mate to share the rubbish burden with me. It is just me, & me alone. =(

Seeing other teams having each other to share their woes made me feel even more envious & at times even bitter about it.

To make matters worse, the manager was not at all helpful at all. She was practically dumping the whole thing to me. Many may say that this is perfectly normal for a manager to push "delegate" work to her staff. But here what I am trying to say is that the least she could do is to at least ask how I was coping, having known that this is my first time handling a job of such complexity. Lately, I even heard that she was bad mouthing about my work to other managers. I can't believe a manager like her level will stoop to such a level. Grr...

There was even one time I really had a very strong urge to slap her across that bitchy face. Argh~!

Well, anyway as a collegue of mine said to me: there is really no point in "fighting" head on with her. The person who will be on the losing end will SURELY be me.

Having given it much thought, this advice really made alot of sense to me. So these days instead of being angry & sulking all day, spoiling my day & the mood of people around me, I'd rather not make myself look so bad & try to be more tolerant.

Though I think that my temper has indeed improved but I guess it's much like a dormant volcano - always waiting for a chance to erupt. But for now, I will just try to keep calm (& indifferent, if matters get difficult).

I call this anger management - all for the need to be stronger for tougher road ahead in the work place where people are "ugly" & selfish. =(