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Monday, August 13, 2007
8/13/2007 01:01:00 AM
I've been promoted~!
By Lixia

After one year of tedious endurance & many times wanting to way the white flag and walk away from the scene, I've finally been promoted. I would say that this is really hard-earned effort. How many sleepless nights, sweat and tears have I shed; to this day I have already lost count of it.

But todday my efforts paid off. Yeah! *pops champagne*

This company is still what I perceive it to be - having a healthy working environment & a good boss (except of coz that woman I was talking about). And most importantly some of my good friends are here, this makes leaving hard for me.

But alas, a dream is a dream. It still has to be fufilled lest I live in regret. So here I am fighting hard to get to where I wish to be. But the problem is NO ONE HAS APPROACHED ME YET~!

Haiz...wonder whether the problem lies with me or the ugly world out there.. =(

But anyway, I will perserve~! Hope that tomorrow will be a better day~! =D