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Sunday, November 25, 2007
11/25/2007 07:24:00 PM

With my remaining matters like payroll matters from my ex-company coming close to being settled, this serves as a relief for me & also an indicator that I can finally have a fresh start in my new Company. =)

In fact, guess what, I HIGHLY suspect that I will end up being the one compensating the Firm since I did not serve the one month's notice that is required of me. And for that I really can't be bothered. In fact if that toopid HR were to ever ask me for compensation I will take my own SWEEET time and pay up only when I FEEL like it...wahaha...

This will teach her a lesson for take her own bloody own sweet time to settle my leaves and her bad attitude...grrr~!

In addition to that, my examis just over & I am really keeping my fingers crossed as to what kind of rubbish grades I will be getting.. =S

But during this period, I also took the chance to go fro a short holiday to Hangzhou and Shanghai. Although my previous job requires me to travel to China regularly - sometimes even for practically the whole month but I necer really got a chance to enjoy China as I am simply too busy working my ass away in the hotel room.. =(

Mum and me went on a self-planned trip for 1 week.

A true luxury to me given the fact that I never really like , in fact I hated, tour groups.. =[

Anyway the weather in Shanghai and Hangzhou was superb - cool weather and too hot and sunny.. =P

Anyway, took some really great pictures for this trip..

Hangzhou West Lake

Some nice view at a waterfall.. =P

Amongst Long Jing tea plantations

Allow me to be abit self-centered. Juz tot that this is a nice photo to upload..wahaha..Taken during our 1st dinner in Shanghai @ a Sichuan restaurant.. =P

View outside our hotel in Shanghai **PRIME VIEW**

Night views of the bund..

Day view of the bund